Jan 5, 2012

Neighbor Christmas gifts

One of my favourite things about growing up in a military family is the community.  Neighbors support neighbors.  People welcome you with open arms because we all know what it's like to have to move around every couple of years.  When spouses deploy, friends step up.  It is an absolutely beautiful thing...something I missed terribly "on the outside" after my dad retired.

But this year I'm a military wife.  So I felt I needed to step it up for the holiday neighbor cheer.  And I think I knocked it out of the park.  :)

I first got this idea from a great blog called How Does She.  It seemed doable, inexpensive, fun, crafty and tasty...all in one.  That's a pretty good combination, in my book.  So I went for it.

Here's how:
 Take a 4"x4" piece of wood.
Trace around the edges onto the back of your Christmas-y scrapbook paper.  I did all the sides except the bottom.  Cut out the paper.
 Dremel tool the rough edges.  My husband wanted a chance to use his power tools. :)
 Spread Mod Podge all over one side.  Don't be afraid to make it a good coat.
Lay your pre-cut scrapbook paper on top, and press it down.  I used an old credit card, started from the center, and worked my way out to the edges so there wouldn't be any bubbles or creases.
 Once it's completely dry, sand the edges so it's smooth and even.
Drill holes in the top.  Use a drill bit that is about the same size as your lollipop stick.  I just stuck the lollipop sticks next to the bits and eye-balled a close match.  And I chose to put 6 holes on top.
Then I used a stencil that said "Merry Christmas" and painted with a red acrylic paint.  I also decided to use just a brown paint pen on some of them.  It was easier and faster.  But I really like the way they both turned out. 

 Now comes the tastiness part.  :)   I decided to do a mixture of Oreos and Ritz peanut butter cookies.

First, I stuck a lollipop stick into the cream of Double Stuff Oreo.
Then I dipped them into melted white chocolate, fully coating the cookie.
 Let cool and harden on wax paper.
 I did the same thing with the Ritz.  Take one Ritz cracker, spread creamy peanut butter on it, put a lollipop stick in it, and stick another Ritz cracker on top.
Then dip it completely in melted milk/dark chocolate (whichever you prefer), and let cool and harden on wax paper.

Now comes the fun part.  Drizzle melted white chocolate over the dark chocolate Ritz cookies....and melted dark chocolate over the white chocolate Oreo cookies.  And sprinkle with coloured crystal sprinkles.  I chose red and green, considering it's Christmas. :)
Oooo pretty.  
 Wrap them individually with a candy bag, and tie with a ribbon.

Place one in each of the holes in the wood block.  And VOILA!  I loved how it turned out!
And I have to admit, the Ritz peanut butter/chocolate cookies were, by far, my favourite...and my husband's favourite, too!


  1. Yummy. I wish I was your neighbor! I think it's funny that you still have your tacky sweater Christmas party manicure in these pictures :) Love you!

  2. So...I guess I could move to where you live by next Christmas...or - I guess I could just rent a place there for the week before Christmas? I'll start working on that now.