Feb 9, 2012

Eye Shadow Turned Nail Polish

I have an apology and a confession.  Apology - I'm so sorry for the lame picture quality of this post.  That problem was do to this fact:  Confession - I really didn't think this experiment was going to work.  Therefore, I only used my iPhone to take these pictures.  Oops!

I've been wanting to try out a brown nail polish.  I didn't have one in mind, but for some reason, I just thought I'd like the idea of it.  With my budget being what it is, and with all extras this month going to Valentines Day presents for my husband and birthday presents to my nephew and best friend, there wasn't a penny to spare on new nail polish.  So I decided to experiment.

I took an old brown eye shadow that I never wear.  Flaked some off onto a 3x5 card.  Then I did my normal base coat on my nails.
After that, I poured some basic, cheap clear nail polish into the brown eye shadow dust and mixed, mixed, mixed.  Make sure you mix it really well (and quickly, because it dries fast) so you don't get clumpy nail polish.  *TIP - do little sections at a time.  I found out that it dries really quickly on the 3x5 card.  So I learned to mix a little at a time and work my way through.  Worked a lot better!*
Then paint your nails as you normally would.  :)   I also added my normal clear top coat polish as well, to give it a little shimmer and to keep it from chipping off.

I'm not sure I'll do it again because it was a bit more effort than I usually like to put into doing my nails.  But in a pinch, it works pretty well!

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