Feb 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Nails

I really wanted to do a fun manicure for my first Valentine's Day with a date.  I know, I know.  I'm 28 and this is my first legit Valentine's Day.  Last year, I was newly engaged on Valentine's Day- but my fiance was 1500 miles away.  Soooo...I'm excited to have a date this year!  And a reason to fancy up my nails.  I'm not sure my husband will care all THAT much, but I'm having fun.  :)

So I tried an experiment - hearts.  It is Valentines day, after all.  And I REALLY like the way they turned out!!  

I used four nail polishes for it:
  1. Revlon number 955 - Quick Dry Base Coat
  2. Revlon number 285 - Oh My Magenta
  3. Wet n Wile Wild Shine number 449C - French White Creme
  4. Revlon number 950 - Extra Life No Chip Top Coat
I started my nails with the base coat to prepare my nails.
Then I painted two coats of the Magenta colour to give a nice background punch.
Now for the hearts...this is the tricky part, but it's really not at all as difficult as I was expecting.  Place a drop of the french white polish onto a 3"x5" index card.
Next, I used an embossing tool.  You heard me correctly; an embossing tool. 
(I did these next steps on the 3"x5" card, so you could see it really clearly in pictures.)
I dipped the large end of the embossing tool into the drop of french white colour.
Then I put two dots, side by side, onto the magenta.
After that, flip the embossing tool over to the small end, and dip that into the french white colour.  Using that, I connected the two dots moving down in a somewhat 'V' pattern to finish the heart design.
Once the nails were completely dry, I covered them with the no chip clear top coat.  Let them dry completely again, and voila.  Fancy pants Valentine's Day nails.  :)

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