Jun 19, 2012

Birth record for Josef

One of my all-time favourite titles in life is Aunt.  I just absolutely love being called Aunt Sarah!  Or...Say Say / Sawah / any variation that comes out of their sweet little mouths.  Melts me when I hear it!

When my first nephew (Marc-Andre) was born, I wanted to make something for him.  Something to show him that I was so excited that he was joining the family.  Something he could keep forever.

I still have a pillow that was made and given to me when I was born.  It has a little music box inside and a cross-stitch section on top with my name and birth date.  I'm 28 years old and I still have it.  Granted, the music box doesn't work anymore and the pillow has lost some of it's stuffing.  But I love it.  

I wanted to do something like that for my little nephew.  And I did.  I cross-stitched an under-the-sea blanket for him (that was the nursery theme my sister picked out).  :)  If you know me, you know traditions are incredibly important to me.  Soooo, what I did for my first, I swore I'd continue to do for the rest.  I've made a cross-stitch item for every nephew and niece since then.  (5 in total.  just started working on the 6th)

Here's the latest cross-stitch birth record that I've completed.  It's for my nephew, Josef Daniel.  He's a super cute, always smiling, speed-racing crawler who has melted my heart since day one.  Josef, you are such a joy and a blessing!  I hope you know that Aunt Sarah LOVES you soooooooooooooo much!!!

And, because I can't write a blog about a super cute, always smiling little guy without showing proof:
Told ya.

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  1. Awwww cutie pie! It arrived on Saturday! Looks even cooler (and time consuming) in person! Love it!