Mar 8, 2012

Button Letter Wall Art

Today's craft is an awesome wall piece I made.  I got the idea here.  It's really fun to display things that are related to our new marriage and our joint last name.  :)

Hot glue
1.  Iron the fabric.
2.  Arrange the layout of the buttons.  (I placed the paint stirrers and cards as my visual outline of the canvas edges.)
3.  Hot glue the buttons onto the fabric.
4.  Staple the fabric to the canvas.
 5.  Hang on the wall.  :)

 Happy National Craft Month!


  1. This looks so easy and cute. I want to make a framed initial for our 50th wedding anniversary to decorate the photo table.

  2. Thanks, Mel! It was pretty easy. I have it hanging in my hallway, and have received a lot of compliments on it.
    Congratulations on your 50th anniversary! That's fabulous! Today is my 1.5 year anniversary...and oh so blessed. Good luck making your framed initial art. I would love it if you sent me a picture of how it turns out! (