Mar 7, 2012

Clothespin Magnets

 I'm always in need of new magnets.  And I especially like the kind that hold on to papers, coupons or reminders.  So I decided to make my own.  I took regular clothespins, and redesigned them. :)

I saw the idea here.  And I think they are really cute, and the colours match well in our kitchen / dining room.  Fun fun!

Clothespins (number based on number of magnets you want - I did 6)
Paint brush
Hot glue
1. Paint your wooden clothespins any colour you want.  I chose the base colour of "Indian Turquoise". 
2. Add your decorative flair to the clothespins.  I chose to free hand designs with accent paint colours: "Sea Breeze" and "Burnt Orange".  I chose these colours simply because they were leftovers from previous projects. :)

3. Cut an old magnet into thin strips, covering as much of the clothespin back as possible.  The more you cover it, the better it will stay on the fridge.
4. Glue the magnet to back of peg.  Make sure to press down firmly to get a flat surface.
5. Add to your fridge door and enjoy.

Happy National Craft Month!

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