Mar 30, 2012

Coffee Cozy

In honour of being in the beautiful Northwest right now, I decided to do a region-inspired craft.  Seattle is the home of Starbucks coffee, of which I happen to be a fan.  And when I visit Seattle, it is a must-splurge.

So today, before trekking out in the rain for my yummy Soy No-Water Chai Latte, I decided to make a little treat for my coffee cup.  I figured it deserved a little pampering because it was pampering me. :)

Fabric of your liking
Fusible Fleece Interfacing
Iron-in Velcro
Matching Thread
Sewing Machine

I got the pattern for my coffee cozy here.    First, start by cutting two cozy pattern pieces from your  fabric and one piece of fusible fleece.  Iron the fusible fleece to one of the fabric pieces, on the WRONG side of the fabric.
Set up your sewing machine (or, in my case, your mother's sewing machine) with your matching thread.
Put your fabric pieces, RIGHT sides together.  Then sew along both of the two long sides and the tapered short side.  Then flip it right side out.  Next, fold the fabric into the center on the non-tapered short side.  Iron so you get a seam.  Then sew that edge shut.
Next, cut a small strip of velcro, and round the edges so it doesn't pull up.
Then iron on the velcro, one section on either side of the so:
Wrap around your coffee cup and enjoy!  It's very soft and comfortable...and cute!

Happy National Craft Month!

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