Mar 29, 2012

Coffee Table Upscale

We just bought a coffee table.  It was used and owned by one of our neighbors, but it was still in really good shape.  We got it for only $20!  And, it's real wood (not particle board), 4 feet long and 2.5 feet wide!  It's PERFECT for our large living room.

The only thing is that it had a glass center on the table top.  While our cute little kitten enjoys it because she has a window to look through....
my husband and I don't like the look of the glass.  Originally, we were thinking of replacing it with a decorative floor or backsplash tile.  We went looking at several different stores but struggled to find one that was the right size, colour, width and price.  Nothing was working.  

So I decided to go to the paint swatch section and make my own "tiled" looked.  And since they are just paint swatches, this project was completely free.  :)

I chose several shades of blues and browns, as that's the colouring in my living room.  Instead of just going for the regular paint swatches, I chose the ones that were textured so that it would better resemble a stone tile...similar to the image of this one that I found online:
Then we cut out a cardboard section from our vacuum box, so that it would slide perfectly into the slot for the glass.
After that, we mod podged the paint swatches onto the cardboard in a diagonal pattern.  Then put one coat of mod podge over all of them.  Let dry completely.  
Then we placed the glass on top, to give it more stability than just the cardboard would have, and voila.  And remodeled coffee table.  :)  We are still thinking about staining it a darker wood colour, but for now we are really happy with how it turned out!

 Happy National Craft Month!

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