Mar 2, 2012

Copper and gold necklace

Happy second day of National Craft Month!  I'm off to a good start: two days in a row.  We'll see how long I can keep this up.... :)

Yesterday I mentioned that I went to this fabulous little bead shop in Old Town Albuquerque, called New Mexico Bead and Fetish.  And, like I stated, this place is AWESOME.  I fear I will spend many a paychecks in there.  I'll probably have to take my husband with me every time I go so that he can help restrain me from buying the entire store.  

However, he was generous and agreed I could buy these fabulous copper beads with gold flecks, in addition to leaf bead I blogged about yesterday.  I love these beads!  They are so pretty, and the sparkle from the gold flecks is absolutely gorgeous.  I knew I needed to show them off!
I didn't want a metal chain to take away from the sparkle and fun of these beads.  So instead, I chose to use Stretch Magic clear stretchy cord as my chain.  Then I strung the beads, and added 4 small gold beads to separate the center, longer beads to add a little more emphasis.
 In order to keep the beads from sliding all over the place on the strand, I tied little knots on either end of the beads to hold them in place.
Then I tied the ends of the strand to a metal clasp to complete the necklace, and actually make it something I could wear.

I think I'm really going to like how it turned out!  I really like how the beads themselves really pop!

Happy Crafting!

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