Mar 22, 2012

Crochet Teapot....sort of

I'm pretty embarrassed to show you today's craft, mainly because it turned out so poorly.  I would normally re-do it until it was post-worthy, but tonight is "date night" with the husband so I have no extra time.  You will just have to deal with a poorly crafted crochet teapot.  

It started out as an idea for my Mom for her Mother's Day present.  Yes, Mom, SURPRISE that was part of my present to you.  My mom loves tea.  And she loves reading.  Almost every afternoon she sits down for a little while reading a book and drinking her tea.  It's her way of relaxing and escaping into another world.

In honour of that, I had planned to crochet her a teapot bookmark.  Here's my lame attempt:
The plan failed.  (Mom, you will get something better now, don't worry.)

 Happy National Craft Month!

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