Mar 21, 2012

Crocheted Knotted Headband

I have been wanting to try a completely new craft technique.  While pouring over Pinterest crafts, I noticed that my eyes have been gravitating toward crocheted projects lately.  So I decided to try one. 

I found one that looked really cool, and didn't look like it would take too terribly long to make.  I found it on this blog.  For my very first crochet attempt, I think it turned out pretty well.  Isn't it lovely!?!

Yarn (I used 100% acrylic)
Crochet hook (I used size US I9)
Hot glue
Crochet 2 separate chains.  One should be approximately 160 chains (this will be the short one), and the other should be about 300 chains (this will be the long one). 
Fold each chain into thirds (again, separately).  
Then, fold each of them into a half circle. 
 Take the long strand, and place the right side over the left.
Lay the short strand over the long strand.
Place the right section of the short strand under the long strand.
Place the left section of the short strand under the loop of the large strand.
 Next, place the right section of the short strand over the loop.
 Then, under the other section of the short strand.
Then back over the loop again.
 Pull the knot tight, one section at a time.
 Here's an up-close shot of the knot.
 Then, hot glue the strands together.  Cut off the excess yarn so there is a straight edge.  Do that for both sides.
 Then cut out strips of your ribbon... 2 long strips of approximately 12-15" long each, and 2 short strips of approximately 4" long. 
The long strips will be used for tying the headband, and the short strips will be used for polishing the edges.  Hot glue them to the edges of the yarn.
 Then tie it in your hair, and flaunt your awesome creation.  :)

 Happy National Craft Month!

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