Mar 4, 2012

Date Night in a Jar

Before I started dating my (now) husband, Blair, I HATED dating.  The nerves.  The small talk.  The uncertainty.  The awkwardness.  Hated. it.

But now that I'm married, I LOVE date nights!  Blair and I try to make it a priority to continue to date each other even now that we are married.  I think it will be even more important once we start having kids.  But even now, it's so easy to just get sucked into the mundane tasks that accompany living together, like dishes and laundry.  And because you live together, there is an assumption that you are sharing your lives together.  In reality, if you don't make it a priority to be intentional with each other, that life-sharing component can slowly deteriorate and can create a more roommate-like scenario.

We decided, before getting married, that we were going to make it a priority to keep dating each other.  Since we don't have kids yet, it's easier and we try to go on a date once a week.  It doesn't always happen, but we definitely try.  But it's a little difficult to come up with fun new date ideas every week...especially on a budget.

I got the basic concept for today's project from a Pinterest pin that sent me here.  It's called Date Night in a Jar.  And I think we are going to love it! 

Mason jar
Foam brush
Hot glue gun
Super glue
Coloured popsicle sticks
Because I used a canning jar, the lid was actually two separate pieces.  I could have left it that way, it would have been totally fine.  
 But I wanted to make it one piece for ease and speed of opening and closing the jar.  Maybe that makes me lazy, but whatever. :)  So I super-glued them together.
Then I painted the lid red, to make it more "love-y" and "date-y".  Again, I could have kept it the plain lid, but apparently I'm a bit of an over-achiever.
Then I wanted to pretty it up even more, so I hot glued a heart ribbon around the rim and a bow on top.
The next step was the actual date ideas.  This is the hardest part.  Blair and I brainstormed lots of ideas, and researched other ideas online.  Then I categorized the dates into six different categories (six, simply because I had six colours of popsicle sticks which came pre-coloured in a package at Dollar General):  
  1. Expensive and planning required dates
  2. Less expensive and less planning dates
  3. Stay - at - home dates
  4. Getaways dates
  5. Group dates
  6. Sexy dates
I created a tag that gives a key for what the colours mean, so we can pick properly before each date based on time/money availabilities. 
 Then I wrote the date ideas on the corresponding popsicle sticks.  Some of the date ideas include:
Dollar Night - dollar store, dollar menu, dollar movie theater
Homemade pizza and Italian movie
Spa date at home
Progressive Meal - drinks, appetizer, entree, dessert all at different restaurants
Bed & Breakfast trip
Star gazing and Star Wars movie

 So much fun to look forward to!

 Happy National Craft Month!


  1. Not sharing any sexy date ideas??

  2. Haha, Janelle. I thought the same thing ;)

  3. Me too! I like this idea. Makes coming up with ideas all the time easier because you just sit down and do it once. And cute design!

  4. Um...duh. Star gazing and Star Wars movie was my sexy date idea. ;)