Mar 11, 2012

Double Strand Lace Headband

Today's craft needed to be simple and quick because it was a busy day:  I had class this morning, church directly after, grocery shopping after that, cooking for a dinner party tonight, craft time, dinner party until 10:30pm, and home at 11pm to blog.

Luckily I had a project I've been eyeing that I wanted to try that looked like it would fit the time allotment.  Plus, while it was a sewing project, it didn't require a sewing machine.  Perfect! that mine died and needs replacing.  {speaking of which, if you would like to see any of the awesome sewing craft projects that I had planned to do, plus any in the future, please feel free to donate to "Sarah's Sewing Machine Fund".  You can contact me by commenting on this blog post or by emailing me via my Contact tab. Thanks! ;) }

I don't usually like a lot of headbands because, while they can look very cute, they tend to be a little/lot painful after an hour or so.  They tend to just press in on the bones behind my ears until my head is pounding and I'm forced to take the headband out and walk around for the rest of the day with a weird bump in my hair from the headband impression.  But I was intrigued by this project because A) I could make it whatever length I wanted and B) it was elastic and therefore would flex instead of press into my head.  I found the project idea here.  Like I said, it was really a simple and quick project...but I really like the way it turned out.  In fact, I wore it to my dinner party tonight.  :)

36" of lace 
Ribbon (optional)
Hot Glue (optional)

1.  Cut your lace into two 18" strips.
2.  Cut your elastic into one 3.5" strip.
3.  Overlap one of the lace strip edges with the other, making sure the pattern is in the same direction.
4.  On top of that, lay about 3/4" of the elastic.
5.  By hand (you can use a machine, but it's really not necessary and would probably take longer to set up then to simply hand stitch), sew all three pieces together.  
6.  Make sure to do several rows of stitching so that the lace doesn't unravel.
7.  Repeat with the other side, making sure that your lace is straight before sewing.  Here's the finished band.
8.  This next step is completely optional, but I like it because A) it makes it smoother against my head and B) it makes it a more "finished" look.  Hot glue ribbon around the two ends where you have stitched the layers together.
 Pretty pretty!  :)

Happy National Craft Month!

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