Mar 15, 2012

Felt Flower Sweater Pin

I'm not one who wears green very often.  I grew up as a blonde, so it always made my hair look green.  But the older I get, the darker my hair is getting.  So now that I'm a *cough cough* brunette (yes, it's hard for me to admit that), I'm finding out I can actually wear a few shades of green.

However, I haven't yet included them in my wardrobe.  With the upcoming holiday, I'm completely unsure of what I can wear that will keep me from getting pinched.  Therefore I decided to make myself pinch-free by creating a pin to wear on any basic outfit.  Perfect!  :)

Hot glue
- First Flower - 
 Cut two strips of contrasting coloured felt.  Then hot glue down one side of each strip.

 Fold in half, so that they are glued only on one side.
 Cut slits in both pieces diagonally.
 Put one colour on top of the other, and roll.  Hot glue at the end to hold them together.
 Cut another strip of felt (I chose a third color of felt) and then cut curves in one side, as shown below.  Then roll that around the poof center you just created.
- Second flower - 
Draw a circle and a flower shape on paper.  This is what you will use for tracing onto the felt.
 Trace six or seven flowers and one circle onto the felt.
Cut them all out.
 Take a flower, and fold it in half.
Fold it in half again.  (Please try to disregard the ugly blue fingers.  The pen I used to trace the flowers got ink all over me!)
 Then cut off the corner.... that it looks like this.  Then put hot glue on the bottom.
 Then glue that on the outside edge of the circle you cut out.  Do that all the way around, and then in the center.  Until it is the fullness you desire.
 - To make the pin - 
I used an old pin that I got somewhere a long time ago.  I will never wear it again, so I'm recycling it.  Hot glue the top of it.
 Then stick it on the back of your felt flower.

 Obviously, I wouldn't wear it with this particular outfit.  But I will be wearing it on St. Patrick's Day, with a more coordinating outfit.  :)

Happy National Craft Month!

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