Mar 27, 2012

Hot Glue Gun Holder

I don't know about you, but when I work with my hot glue gun, I always struggle with it.  It has a mind of it's own!  I try to set it down, and it just slides all over the place...sometimes tipping over; sometimes flying off the table....all the while getting glue strings everywhere.  Not to mention the burning potential because of the super hot tip.

It drives me bonkers.  So I decided I needed to create a holder for it. 

Once again, we used free scrap wood that we got from Home Depot.  I'm telling you, it's awesome.  We go in there any time we are driving by, just to see if there is anything laying around.  If not, no worries.  But we've gotten some great pieces of scrap wood!  I highly recommend it....unless you live near me.  Then please don't do it, so I can still have plenty to work with. ;)

Here's the finished product:

First, start by cutting your wood to the appropriate sizes.  This will vary depending on your hot glue gun.  I have a smaller one, so my base piece is a little shorter than the length of a business envelope. 
Then cut the two side pieces, which will stabilize the handle, and the front piece, which will hold the gun's tip.
After that, use a Dremel tool to cut out a notch in the front piece of wood.  Make sure that the tip of your glue gun will fit securely into the notch.  Then sand all the edges of your wood pieces so they are nice and smooth.
Use wood glue to glue everything together.  Let dry completely.
Then paint it whatever colour you prefer.  I just used leftover paint from previous projects. 
 Let that dry completely.
And you have your holder!
I wanted to go a step further because I was afraid the glue might drip out onto the wood, and would rip off the paint or layers of wood.  So, I went to Lowes and got a small scrap piece of tile for free.  Then I super glued it to the wood under the gun's tip.
 Now, you have a finished hot glue gun holder!  :)  Here's to easier (and safer) crafting projects in my future!
 Happy National Craft Month!

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