Mar 20, 2012

Modular Felt Coasters

Today's craft is absolutely perfect for the budget-friendly necessity of my life:  it cost a grand total of $1.00.  ONE DOLLAR!  Plus, it required absolutely no sewing.  Broken sewing machines make for creative alternatives.  So, like I said, this project was perfect for me.  :)

I made modular felt coasters!

I have plans to go buy a little more felt so I can make matching place mats too.  But that will be a project for another day. 

My purple coaster project came from this blog designed by Jessica Jones.  She also provided a downloadable pdf template.  Very helpful indeed.  :)

First, print out the template (it makes two coasters).  
Then pin it to a swatch of felt.  I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for 50¢ a square.  
Then cut out the pieces, cutting along all the lines in the template.  
Use four pieces per coaster.  Arrange them as follows, attaching them together.
Then pull the tabs all the way through the slots and arrange flat.  They should look like this.
Next, cut out the inside edges of the two inner triangles...on each of the four sides of the coaster.  Like this:
Repeat the process for as many coasters as you want.  I made four.  Then, make yourself a tasty blonde cup of tea, sit back and enjoy your handy work.  :)

Happy National Craft Month!

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