Mar 9, 2012

New Mexico Nail Art

The planned craft for today required my sewing machine...which decided to die today.  So, it was back to the drawing board on coming up with a craft for today...hence why I'm posting so late in the evening.  *sigh*

But I came up with something that I really like!  And it was a project my husband even enjoyed helping me with.  :)

We are loving our first home together in New Mexico, and decided to embrace it with a tribute on our walls.  The idea came from this website.  We loved the concept, but weren't about to pay $80 for it.  So we made it ourselves. 

Wide-head nails
1.  Paint the wood - any colour of your choice.  We did two coats.  *TIP - In between coats of paint, don't bother washing out your brushes.  Just wrap them in saran wrap and they will be ready to go for the next coat.*
2.  Print off an outline of the state you live in....obviously ours is New Mexico.
3.  Center the print-out on the wood and lightly tape it down for the nails guide.
4.  Cut out a heart around the city where you live.
5.  Hammer the nails around the state's outline and around the heart.
6.  Wrap the string from the outside to the heart and around until every nail has been wrapped.

Happy National Craft Month!

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