Mar 16, 2012

Pin Cushion Storage Jar

Today's craft is a sewing accessory.  I'm not a big sewer.  {I just realized that "sewer" - one who sews, and "sewer" -  sewage drain, are the SAME word!!  Never noticed that before.  haha!  Sooooo....I'm not a big seamstress.  Yes, that's much better.}  

I'm not a big seamstress.  Therefore, I don't have very many supplies.  I want to become more savvy at it, so I'm trying to slowly build my tools.

I noticed that I don't even have a pin cushion.  A pin cushion.  How lame am I?  I mean, they probably cost all of $5.  But instead of going out and buying one, I decided to make one.  You know, craft month and all.  :)

But I didn't want JUST a pin cushion.  I'm a multi-tasker, and apparently that means most of my tools need to be as well.  Therefore, I created a pin cushion that doubles as storage. 

 It was actually quite easy.  All you need is a jar (I used a small empty jam jar that I saved from a hotel restaurant - yes, that's another tidbit about me: I save stuff to make other stuff.  *full disclosure*), pins, fabric, cotton balls, scissors, and hot glue.
 Step 1:  Trace a circle on the 'wrong' side of your fabric, about 3 times the size of your jar lid.  
 Step 2:  Cut out the circle.
Step 3:  Pull apart several cotton balls and place in the center of the fabric circle.
 Step 4:  Fold the fabric over the cotton and hot glue the opening to the top of the jar lid.
Step 5:  Place whatever you want stored in the jar.  I am storing safety pins in mine.
Step 6:  Stick your pins in the cushion.
Now I'm one step closer to being a pro seamstress.  Next step: buy a working sewing machine...

 Happy National Craft Month!

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