Mar 24, 2012

Prayer Cards and Flip Storage

 We just finished reading The Praying Life, by Paul Miller.  In it, Paul suggests creating prayer cards, where you use one card per person, and write down their prayer requests.  Then you can remember the things to pray for, and see how God works in their lives.

I decided I wanted to have mine in the kitchen near the sink, so it would remind me to pray for people every time I am cooking or doing the dishes.  

I started with the stand.  We used scrap wood that we got for free at Home Depot.  Blair cut a few pieces and then glued them together to create the stand.
 We cut one 5" x 7" piece, and two smaller almost triangular pieces as the backing.
 I really like that it is at an angle, so it makes it really easy to view and read while standing at the counter.
  Then Blair drilled a couple of pilot holes into the wood.  I had purchased a clearance flip folder from Walmart, and then broke out the binder clip.  Then we screwed that onto the wood.
After that, I painted the stand with the leftover paint from the NM Nail Art project I made earlier this month.
Then I punched two holes into the top of several 4" x 6" cards and put them on the binding clip.
 Then I wrote the names on each card.  I will write the prayer requests next, but I didn't want to put their personal information on the blog. :)

Happy National Craft Month!

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