Mar 23, 2012

Red Sea Blessing Book

The Bible Study Community Group that I go to every week has been studying the book of Judges.  It's all about how God delivered the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, yet they (Israelites) continually forget the amazing miracles and provision from God.  Because they forget the blessings, they turn away from God and worship idols instead.  

We've been discussing how simple it is for us to read the account of the parting of the Red Sea and the daily provisions in the desert for 40 years, and to condemn the Israelites for forgetting God's works.  I mean, how on Earth could the Israelites FORGET that God parted the Red Sea and saved them?!?

But when you take it a step further, we frequently overlook or forget the MANY blessings of our Saviour.  And when we forget that God is the one who provides all, we look for security in other things: job, money, relationships, success....  I don't know about you, but I do NOT want to forget the things God does in my life.  I do not want to be like the Israelites, and turn my back on God.

My discipleship leader, Daniela, gave me a great idea this past week to help.  She said that one of her friends made a "Red Sea book".  Basically, it's a journal where she wrote the blessings of God, so she wouldn't forget.

I decided to make my own.  And because it is craft month, I decided to create the entire bound book too, instead of just starting with a pre-made journal.  
1 - 8.5" x 11" cover sheet of card stock
Several sheets of white printer paper (amount depends on how big of a book you want to make)
1 - 5" x 8.5" decorative sheet of card stock
Small-tipped screwdriver
Stretch Magic thread
2 - buttons
Paper cutter

 Put the white sheets and the cover sheet together.  Fold all of them in half at the same time, with the cover sheet on the outside of the fold.
 This will make it so that a few of the white sheets are a little longer than the rest.  You can leave it this way, if it doesn't bother you.  But, I wanted a straight edge, so I cut off the excess with my paper trimmer.
Next, it's time to bind the book together.  Open the pages to the very center.  Take your screwdriver and pierce through all the pages.  
 Start in the center and then poke a few holes on either side of the center hole.
Thread your Stretch Magic through all of the holes so that there is one continuous strand going through.  Tie a knot on the outside of the book.
 Next, you will want to cover the holes and binding.  That's why you have the decorative card stock.  Fold it in half, lengthwise.
Glue the entire inside of the paper.
 Adhere it to the edge of your book, like so:
 Then, I decided I wanted to add a closure to it so it wouldn't flop open.  So I glued a button to the middle of the front, and another one to the middle of the back.  I used a small strand of the Stretch Magic string to connect them...just glue it under the back button and wrap a loop around the front button.
 I liked the way the decorative yellow paper split the book's cover down the middle.  In my head, it was kind of symbolic of the parting of the Red Sea.  So I decided to play that up a little with the title by using two different colours of ink to differentiate the sides.
 I'm really excited about this project!  I can't wait to start recording the amazing works of God in our lives so we can always go back and remember how He has blessed us!  

Happy National Craft Month!

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  1. First of all, I LOVE MAKING BOOKS! Have you put anything in it yet? When are we going to have a craft night, girl!?!