Mar 5, 2012

Spring wreath

I have a confession:  It is March 5th, and I still have my Christmas wreath up.  Actually, I should say "had" my Christmas wreath up, because today I changed it...finally.

I've been seeing a lot of yarn wreaths lately, and decided I wanted to make one.  Blair and I looked at a bunch of pictures, and we picked what we liked from several and I combined them into one.  I REALLY REALLY like the way it turned out. 

Granted, this took me a LONG time to complete, but I think it was worth it.

I started out by wrapping my yarn around the wreath form.  I used the round straw wreath, and left the plastic on it so that it would be smoother and easier to work with.  I was surprised by how long it took to simply wrap the yarn around the wreath form.  I am a perfectionist, so I was being very particular about where each strand went.  I wanted them as close together and as tightly wound as possible.
Then I cross-crossed my accent colours around the edges.  I matched these accent colours with felt squares that I used for the decoration.
Once the foundation of the wreath was complete, I started working on the decorative flowers.  I did 4 different flower techniques to add variety and texture to it.  The blue one was a bunch of separate petals glued together.  I started by cutting out several petals in three different sizes.  The circle was the base of the flower that I glued the petals onto.
 To make the petals, place a line of hot glue along the bottom edge.
 Then fold over the bottom edges, and hold until the glue is dry. 
Glue the large petals in a circle around the flower base.  Then glue the medium petals on top of those. Then the small petals on top of those.  Try to space them so that there isn't a lot of empty spaces.  I finished it off with a little purple circle in the center.
For the purple flower, I took two strips of felt.
 Then I folded them each in half, and hot glued just the edges together.
Once that is dry, cut slits into the non-glued edge at a diagonal.  To make the flower shape, just roll them up, hot gluing as you go to secure the hold.
I wanted a larger flower, so I used two strips and just continued rolling with the second when the first was done.
Blair and I really like to have our initial in the center of the wreath.  So I picked out a coordinating acrylic paint to match one of the decorative accent colours.  In this case, it was "Indian Turquoise". 
I just used a cheap foam brush to paint it.
Here's a close-up of the flowers.  I also free-handed the leaves to add a little more pop.

Here's the finished product.  I LOVE it!!

Happy National Craft Month!

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