Mar 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day greeting card

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  

I made these cards for my family and sent them out a few days ago.  I didn't want to post this then, however, because it would have ruined the surprise for them receiving it in the mail!

Here's the finished product.  :)

 I started by making my four-leaf clovers.  Cut four equal size pieces of green felt, and make the top of a heart shape on each, as seen below.
Then thread the bottom of each felt piece.
 Pinch those together.
 Tie the strings together.   I made three of these for each card.  Once they are complete, set them aside.
Now I worked on fancying up the cardstock.  I started with one of the bottle-top stamps that I made in a previous post.  You can find instructions for those here.  I used a green ink pad, of course. :)
 I stamped all over the front of my greeting card, in no particular pattern.
 Then hot glue your three felt clovers on the left-hand side of your card.
 It will look something like this when done.
 Then I wrote "Lucky" on the bottom right hand side of the card, with a green glitter pen.
 Then I wrote my saying inside the card, with a plain green pen.  You can't have too much green on St. Patrick's Day!
 Next I stamped my logo on the back of the card.  Gotta make sure everyone knows who they came from. ;)
 And voila...the finished card. :)

 Happy National Craft Month....AND....Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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