Jun 22, 2012

My "kitten" turned 1!

I'm going to start today's blog post with a disclaimer:  I don't yet have kids.  This will be a key piece of information if you are to read this blog and not think I'm a total crazy loon.

Because I don't yet have kids, I don't get to partake in any of the fun kids birthday parties and preparations.  With the invention (addicting invention, I might add) of Pinterest, I have found many an inspiration but seldom an opportunity.  

So today, I decided to celebrate the momentous occasion of my cute "little kitten" turning 1.  Happy 1st birthday, Dolce!!  (as an informative tangent:  Dolce means soft and sweet in Italian.)

To celebrate, we took her to Petco yesterday to get weighed, one last time as a kitten.  She weighed 11.46 pounds.  And I'm not entirely sure that was completely accurate, as they had her tail resting on the counter.  We also got her a new collar (she has outgrown her kitten one) and picked up a free can of wet cat food as a special treat.

I also decided to make her a cake.  Well....in all honesty, I made a cake for my husband and myself.  It would be a pretty dumb idea to let her eat chocolate cake.  But I figured, while she gets to chow down on her fancy Salmon and Turkey wet food, Blair and I should be able to enjoy a treat too.  :)

And I couldn't go without trying to make it look cute!  I made a triple chocolate cake, with coconut pecan frosting.
The frosting was to mimic her hair.  hehe  And I put an 'M' on the forehead!

I think she's impressed!
Happy 1st birthday, Dolce!!!

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