Jul 8, 2012

Father's Day card

This Father's Day was the first in a long time that I haven't been able to celebrate WITH my dad.   I hated it.  I love my daddy.  He was the first man to grab a hold on my heart...and he's never let go.  

When I lived in the same town with him, we would frequently get together after a long day at work and just go out to happy hour.  Often we split a plate of sliders and talked about the day's ups and downs.  Spending time just unwinding, hanging out and having fun.  I loved those times.  Those are moments that I treasure and that I miss.  

So this Father's Day I wanted to remind him of those times.  I made him this *awesome* BBQ card with three sliders on the bottom.  To top it off, I bought him a sliders kit so he could make them at home.   I sure hope he liked it!

 It took a little shape creativity, as I don't have a cartridge that specifically cuts out a BBQ or hamburgers.  I just used a bunch of circles/ovals (BBQ, the leg ends, the grill tray, burger buns, and tomatoes), lines (the BBQ legs), a few squares (burger on the grill, handle, and cheese), flower shapes (lettuce), and swirly hearts (inverted for the steam).  Goes to show that you don't necessarily need to buy all sorts of different cartridges in order to create something unique.  You just need a little creativity.  :)

Dad, I hope you know how much you are loved and how absolutely thankful I am to have YOU as a father and as a friend.  You rock!!  Love you tons!

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