Oct 25, 2012

Pinterest Fail

So far on this blog, I've pretty much just shown the creations, crafts, recipes that have worked well. However, that isn't how it always turns out.  I'm definitely not always so lucky.  Trust me.  Today, I decided to prove it by showing you a major Pinterest Fail.  

I have long-ish hair and wanted to try an easy way to curl it without using a curling iron.  To Pinterest I went in search of a good technique to try.  I found this tutorial:
Seemed simple enough.   Just twist and bobby-pin.  Sleep.  Undo and finger-comb.

So I tried it.  My husband thought I was ridiculous to try to sleep with my hair like this.  It wasn't as problematic as I assumed it would be, but I did end up with a tender spot on my head the next morning from a bobby pin.

 The next day, this is how I looked.  hah!!!
Luckily I didn't have anywhere special to go that day.  Oh well.