Jan 3, 2013

Homemade Halloween

I know I'm REALLY late to post this.  But, I love the way they turned out so I can't possibly just skip them. Maybe I will inspire you for this coming up Halloween.  And hey, at least you will have plenty of time to get everything created! :)

First up, our awesome costumes.  I made Popeye and Olive Oil outfits!  

Popeye was more work, by far.  I had a lot of extra felt from a few other projects I had been working on, so pretty much everything was made with felt.

The sailor hat was made out of a cut up strip from a cereal box and then covered in white felt.  I bought a cheap black shirt from Hobby Lobby (with a 40% off coupon!), and sewed blue felt strips to the sleeves.  For the buttons, I covered and hot glued craft glass rocks with yellow felt.  The belt was simply one of my husband's old belts that was falling apart, and I hot glued yellow felt to that.  The pipe was made by gluing a short dowel and a wooden taper candle holder together. For the collar, I used a flap of red felt, with a whole cut in the center for my husband's head to go through.  And then I glued strips of black felt along each of the edges.  The spinach can was simply a large can of baked beans.  I printed off a spinach can label and taped it onto the can.  For the muscled forearms, I made two large tubes of beige felt, and sewed elastic into both ends.  Then I cut anchor shapes out of black felt and glued them onto the beige felt.  When we were ready to go to the party, we got all dressed up, Blair slipped on "his forearms" and we stuffed them with pillow batting.  I LOVE the way it turned out.   Such a cute Popeye I have.  :) 

Mine was a lot easier.  I already owned the red sweater, red shoes and black skirt.  For the skirt, I loosely stitched (so I could easily remove later) a thin strip of yellow felt around it about 4 inches up from the bottom of the skirt.  For the top, I cut one scallop stencil out of one side of a kleenex box.  Then I used that stencil to create a connecting pattern on a long strip of white felt.  Once I cut it out, I loosely stitched it to the neckline of my red sweater.  For my hair, I bought a cheap long black wig, parted it and pulled it into a little pokey bun, and snipped off the extra length.  

Voila.  Popeye and Olive Oil.  :)  We even won the "Best Costume of the Night" award at our party.  Sweet!

For our tasty Halloween treat, I made Eyeball "Cake" Pops!  I went the simply way, and bought a bunch of Dunkin Donuts Munchkins.  Then I filled them with raspberry jam, using a small plastic bag and a cake decorating tip.
 The red jam inserted into the donut holes was meant to look like oozy blood when you bit into it.  :)
After the donut holes were filled, I prepared my next work station:  a small bowl of semi-sweet chocolate chips, plastic forks, and melted white chocolate almond bark in a tall glass.
Next, stab a filled donut hole with a fork, making sure that the open hole is on the side so that it doesn't leak while you dip it.
Then dip the donut hole into the melted chocolate.  It works best if you tilt the mug a little and do one side at a time, and then lift it out while it is still tilted.  If you try to lift it out when it is straight up and down, it tends to try to slide off the fork.  Not cool.  But, since I only have two hands and one of them had to be on the camera, the picture does not show it tilted.
Tap of the excess white chocolate.
Insert a chocolate chip into the side, while the white chocolate is still warm.
Lay flat to dry and the chocolate to solidify.
Once it's dry, use some red frosting with a small piping tip to create bloodshot lines.  And arrange on a platter.  "I'M WATCHING YOU!"


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