Jan 25, 2013

Owl Ornaments

When I was little, my Aunt Debbie would send me a new mouse ornament every year.  She hand-painted them, and wrote my name and the year on them.  I absolutely loved them!  To this day, those mice are some of my all-time favourite ornaments that I own.  They are just so special to me.

So I've decided to try to make ornaments for each of my nephews and niece every year.  Last year, keeping with the theme my Aunt started, I made little felt mice candy cane holders.  

This year I went rogue and decided on owl ornaments.  I know; I'm a rebel.   

These cute little owls were made with recycled toilet paper rolls, paint, scrap card stock, and red ribbon.
 First, bend the in the two edges of top side of the toilet paper roll.  This will become the ears and top of the owl's head.  Then paint the roll with whatever colour you like best.  Once the paint is dry, hot glue the ribbon into the ears.  This will be the "hook" from which you will hang on the Christmas tree.  Next, I cut out the face and wing shapes on my Cricut.  It was just basic shapes (scalloped circles, circles, and a diamond for the nose).  Then I glued them all onto the painted roll.  And voila!  Cutest little owl ornaments.

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