Jan 30, 2013

Pillowcase Dress and Matching Hair Clip

I have 5 nephews.  And only 1 niece.  My nephews are super adorable, and I do definitely love them all so incredibly much.  But so far, I haven't had the inclination to make them clothing.  My niece, on the other hand, is another story.

But I'm not a very good seamstress.  And by "not very good" I mean, I "royally suck" at sewing.  I've only sewn a grand total of maybe five things in my life...and those were basic sewing.

So, instead of going all crazy by sewing an amazingly intricate dress for my sweet niece's Christmas present, I decided to go with a fairly simple pattern that started with an already hemmed garment.  Perfect for a domestic loser like me.  (speaking of which...why on earth didn't they ever have home-ec when I was in school????)

Pillowcase Dress

I started with a standard pillowcase that I thought was really cute.  Then I cut the top portion of it off (the sewn together part), so that it was just a big tube.
After that I folded the pillowcase in half - lengthwise - and cut out about a two inch backwards  'J' section for arm holes.  Then I hemmed the arm holes so they wouldn't fray.  (by FAR the hardest part of this project).
Then I made three purple flowers for decorating.  The top left one was made with a deep eggplant purple felt, a medium purple accent felt, and a  light lilac purple flower shaped button.  The top right one was made with a dark satiny purple ribbon, and medium purple floral patterned ribbon, and a smaller floral button.  The bottom was made by crocheting two flowers and weaving one on top of the other.
I sewed an inch hem around the top (where I cut before).  Weave the thick purple satiny ribbon strands through the top hem (one strand through each side of the pillowcase tube).  The two strands will tie into a bow on top of the shoulders, and are therefore adjustable based on the height of your little girl.
Completed pillowcase dress!

Matching Hair Clip
 I made a rose by twisting ribbon around, and hot gluing it together every so often. 
 I then hot glued a strip of ribbon to a plain hair clip, and then hot glued the ribbon rose on top.

I hope you like your Christmas present, my sweet niece!!

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