Jan 9, 2013

Purple Polka Dot Nails

I've been wanting to try some shades of Essie nail polish for quite some time.  I've never used it, but everyone says it's a really good brand.  Now that I'm been doing my nails more often, I'm wanting better products and more colours. 

My husband is simply amazing.  He's been listening to me talk about how I want to try Essie, but thought they were awfully pricey....and he surprised me with not one, but TWO bottles of pretty Essie nail polish in my stocking this year!  Way to score brownie points, hubby!

Today I thought I'd play around a little and do something a little more unusual, at least for me.  I decided to go Polka Dots.
Colour - Essie Sexy Divide.  I LOVE purple these days, so this is probably my new favourite polish colour!!
Dot colour - I honestly have no idea what brand/colour it is.  All the bottle says is "Nail Polish".  It's helpful, I tell you.  :/

1 comment:

  1. I love polka dots and I love purple. And I even like painted nails - on other people! (Mine always start chipping within like 7 minutes of being dry.) Super cute!