Feb 27, 2013

Kid's Felt Quiet Book

I am a proud Aunt.  I have 5 awesome nephews and 1 adorable niece...and they melt my heart.  As a crafty lady, I love to make things for them.  Absolutely love it!  

This past Christmas, I made my two littlest men Felt Quiet Books.  I wanted to give them a fun activity to do in the car when they came to visit me...and yes, it is a little *hint hint* aimed at my sisters to come visit me more.  :)   A lot of work, but totally worth it.  The boys LOVED them!  

(sorry for the photo quality - my camera was dying right before Christmas...of course, considering Christmas is one of the main times one would WANT a working camera, sigh.  No worries though; I rectified the situation and have since purchased a new one.  But I do apologize for the quality of these!)

Front Page:  Nephew's Name with a Camera.
Inside the camera flap is a picture of the cute little guy.  :)
 First and Second Pages:  Clock and Sports Tic-Tac-Toe
In order to help teach him how to tell time, the hands on the clock move around.
 Tic-Tac-Toe with Baseballs and Basketballs!  They attach with velcro.
 Third and Fourth Pages:  Noah's Ark and Race Car
 Noah's Ark opens up to reveal the second in the pair of animals.
 And they are FINGER PUPPETS!
The racecar drives up and down the street, and parks in the red garage. 
 Fifth and Sixth Pages: Washing Machine Socks and Seasons Tree
 We all know that socks are notorious for getting eaten by the washing machine.  So I tasked my little men with making sure they come out of the washer with a pair!  And they can work on their motor skills by buttoning them on with their match.
 The Seasons Tree has velcro pieces for each season.  They are all stored in the green grass pocket.  Since there is snow on the ground outside my window as I type this, here's "Winter" snowflakes.
 "Spring" flowers
 "Summer" green leaves.
 "Fall" orange leaves.
 Seventh and Eighth Pages:  Planting Your Garden and Mr./Mrs. Potato Head
The garden is planted with carrots, peas and radishes.
 Mr. Potato Head
 Mrs. Potato Head
Back Page: a trusty little pocket to store all the extra pieces. 
 Binding - a simple hand-stitch through all the pages.
 I LOVE how the book turned out!  And I hope it provides oodles and oodles of joy and laughter, for years to come.  :)


  1. Wow so amazing! That was a lot of work. I ran out of steam on Ani's after about 6 pages!

  2. Daniela, someday I would love to see the one you made Ani!