Feb 1, 2013

Rock Animal Magnets

Is it just me?  Or has anyone else noticed that most magnets don't actually have strength?  Drives me crazy.  I mean, when you have one purpose in the world, shouldn't you at least be good at it?

So I decided to make some of my own.  Started with plain ole rocks.  Turned into super cute animal magnets.  Awesome!

1.  Rocks.  You can either use rocks out of your backyard that you clean up, or craft rocks.  I used craft rocks, similar to these:

2.  All Purpose Glue.  I used:
 3.  Acrylic Paint in various colours, such as:
 4.  Paint Brushes. Kind of like these:
5.  Grip clips, kind of like these...but mine were stronger so they could hold together rocks.

6.  Strong magnets.  Mine were circular and very strong.  But you could use any kind, like:

1.  Figure out what animals you want to make.  I chose a pig, frog, bee, and monster.
2.  Paint the rocks.
3.  Glue the rocks together, and clip together until they are completely dry.
4.  Hang on your fridge!
I love them. :)  Hope you do too!

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