Apr 22, 2013

Summer Pinwheel Wreath

I love wreaths.  In my opinion, they really dress up an otherwise blah door....and they add so much character!  

My husband is sweet to indulge me by letting me continue to make more and more wreaths, even though we already have several.  But to me, wreaths are kind of like shoes : a girl can never have too many.  (okay, okay.  I may have a few more shoes than wreaths.  but not for long...) 

Here's my latest wreath:  Summer Pinwheel Wreath 

 I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!
 The pinwheels just scream summer to me.
 The colours and the anchor button detailing are so beachy and fresh.
 I just love the swirly letter font for our name.  Great contrast with the stripes.