Aug 30, 2013

Glamping Date Night

My husband and I love to camp. But, it's friggin' hot outside right now. So I opted for a cooler (air-conditioned), more luxurious, method to get the camping...without the camping.  :)  Glamping = perfect solution.

It was my turn to plan date night, so I thought I'd surprise him.  It was more prep, but it was super fun!  I knew my husband would love it!

Of course, this one day he absolutely "HAD" to come home..several times throughout the day.  He came up with excuses, but I honestly think he was just trying to spy on the prep.  Punk.  But I prevailed and he didn't see anything.  Muwahaha.

It started with this teaser sign I created and posted on the garage door for him to see as he walked in.  And, while I had kept it a secret, I found out that he had no idea what "Glamping" is.  So it didn't matter if I kept it a secret or not.  *sigh*  

 I set up our tent in the living room, and strung Christmas lights so we could 
"sleep under the stars".

Normally when camping, as is common custom, we simply sleep in sleeping bags on the ground.  However, as this was GLAMping, I wanted to make it a little more luxurious and fancy.  So I inflated our queen-sized air mattress, and made the bed with soft sheets and warm blankets. 

Next, since our tent is so big, I added a sitting area near the bed.  It had a little side table (set with our picnic fixin's) on top of a kitchen mat to give it a more homey feel, 

a blanket and a stack of pillows to lean on, 

and our activities for the night.  We have been planning and saving for an Italy vacation since we got married just over two years ago.  And we will be going this September!  It's finally happening!!  We had already decided to spend the evening planning out our Roman adventures, so I wanted to give us a little inspiration by watching 'Roman Holiday'.  It was the perfect way to start our Rome planning.  

I also added some decorations to the tent (old cans that I added the word 'GLAMP' onto, and strung on the entrance to the tent.)

No campsite is complete without a fire!  Since we were indoors and our house, unfortunately, doesn't have a fireplace, I made a makeshift fire pit. I used rocks from our front yard, another strand of Christmas lights, and empty toilet paper rolls for the wood logs.  Then I placed a bunch of random animals around it, and two marshmallows on skewers to finish off the look.

 Next was dinner.  I splurged and bought a few steaks (because this was date night, and my poor husband rarely gets a nice big slab of red meat..sorry babe!).  Plated the grilled steaks with a side of sauteed asparagus, craisins, and pine nuts, and a hearty helping of mashed red potatoes.  And, of course, paired with one of our favourite local red wines.

 We enjoyed our dinner while watching the fabulous classic movie 
(Blair's first time seeing 'Roman Holiday'!!)

 For dessert I made a Smore's Pie.  I HAD to get my smore's in somehow!!  And this was certainly tasty.  Rich as can be though....Blair and I ended up splitting a piece because it was so decadent.  But oh so tasty.

Even our sweet kitty wanted in on the action.  She kept trying to jump in through the "windows" of our tent.  It was hilarious.  We finally just picked her up and brought her into the tent with us, and she slept comfortably in the pillow "sitting area".  Love it!  :)

 We sure had fun GLAMping!  Has anyone else tried it?  I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

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  1. Hi There! This is definitely an awesome & creative idea! Glad it was a success! I would like to know what model of Coleman tent this is... Hope you don't mind me asking... Thank You!