Jul 2, 2016

4th of July wreath

I have always loved the Fourth of July.  Growing up in a military family, patriotism was definitely something that was instilled in me from an early age.    And now as a military spouse, it absolutely continues.  I am incredibly proud of my husband and father (and brothers-in-law, grandfathers, etc) who have served (some still serving) this amazing country!

Military bases, especially overseas bases, really know how to celebrate the 4th.  They go all out!  Base-wide BBQs, food trucks, raffles, bouncy houses, climbing walls, combat vehicle tours, emergency vehicle rides, air shows....all leading up to a dazzling fireworks show set to blaring patriotic music.  I love it all!

This year, I decided to add a few new pieces to help deck out my house to show this patriotic pride.  

First, I made this yarn-wrapped flag wreath.  

Supplies:  foam wreath base, royal blue yarn, white yarn, red yarn, blue paint, a wooden "K" (for our last name), glitter foam star stickers, paint brush and a hot glue gun.  Yarn-wrapped wreaths aren't technically difficult, but they can definitely be time-consuming...especially if you are a little OCD like I am.  I measured out the circumference of the wreath so I would know just wear to do each of my coloured stripes, making them even spacing.  Hot glued as a I wrapped to make sure everything stayed in place.  Once the wreath was completely wrapped, I hot glued the star stickers in random placement all over the blue yarn section.  Then I painted the wooden "K" blue, tied yarn around the top and hot glued it on to the top of the wreath.  It makes a bold statement on our front door!  (ps - I do wish that our front door was a different colour, but alas, it is a rental so there you go.  It does, however, look fabulous at Christmas time. :) )

The second wreath I made was a large "K" flag, that I have hung up inside.  I LOVE the way this one turned out!!  

Supplies:  large wooden letter (in our case, a "K"), masking or painters tape, white paint, red paint, blue paint, foam paint brush, wooden stars, burlap / lace ribbon, and a hot glue gun.  I used the masking/painters tape to mark off the stripes.  Then I painted all the red stripes and the blue top section.  When that was dry, I removed the tape, and painted the white stripes.  I also painted the wooden stars with the white paint.  While everything was drying, I cut my ribbon into 4 equal length strips, and used hot glue to make four separate ribbon circles.  I did one extra ribbon circle, but much smaller, to form the center loop.  Once that was complete, I hot glued each circle together, one on top of the other, using the smallest loop as the top central loop.  Then I hot glued it on to the wreath where the blue and the top white stripe meet.  I used the same ribbon to hang the wreath by hot gluing a section on the back of each side. 

I LOVE how these both turned out.  They add so much when you walk up to and into our home.  So festive and fun!

Hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July!